UM Hillel stands with UVa Jewish community against anti-Semitic vandalism

UM Hillel published a statement earlier today standing in solidarity with the Brody Jewish Center Hillel at the University of Virginia condemning anti-Semitic vandalism that was graffitied on the side of a campus apartment complex over the weekend.


The vandals sprayed the Star of David and “juden,” the German word for Jews, on the building. This imagery was used to single out Jewish business owners during the Nazi terror leading up to the Holocaust.

“While we are deeply saddened and concerned by this anti-Semitic act, the University of Virginia has a strong and vibrant Jewish community. This act does not change that fact. Today, UVa is a welcoming and safe community for Jewish students, which makes this act all the more jarring. This type of hate has no place at our University,” the Brody Jewish Center Hillel wrote in a Facebook statement.

UM Hillel and Student Government (SG) published a letter on social media explaining the importance of the University of Miami community taking a stance on the issue.

“This is not an isolated incident, but one that follows a disturbing pattern of prejudice. The apathy and, at times, antipathy of students when it comes to anti-Semitism only adds fuel to the fire. We must recognize this for what it is: a hate crime,” wrote Hillel President Joey Newfeld and SG President Vikesh Patel.