Sam Bruce dismissed from football program

Freshman wide receiver Sam Bruce has been dismissed from the University of Miami football program after multiple violations of team rules and failure to meet the expectations established to be a part of the program.

Bruce, who had yet to play a snap in an actual game, had issues since the beginning of the season. According to the Miami Herald, after breaking his leg playing recreational basketball, Bruce reportedly lied to the university about what happened, telling coaches that it was caused by a biking accident. He had also shown up late to multiple rehab sessions.

Bruce’s mother, Tracye Wilkerson, told Canesport’s Matt Shodell that Bruce was afraid because he knew he was not supposed to be playing any sports outside of football. According to Wilkerson, being late for his own rehab was the last straw.

“He was warned and was late to therapy,” Wilkerson said. “That was it.”