Students eager to see what rivalry game brings

Cartoon by Izia Lindsay
Cartoon by Izia Lindsay

Rain or shine, students at the University of Miami are buzzing about Saturday’s rivalry game against Florida State University. Throughout the week, The Miami Hurricane checked in with students about their thoughts.

How are you feeling going into the big game?

Amanda Fuentes, sophomore: “I’m really pumped because we are ranked higher than FSU. This game is probably the highlight of the season for me. It’s really personal for the fans because many of my friends go to FSU and it’s our time to shine.”

Alex Mennella, sophomore: “I’ve heard stories about how nuts it gets and I’m ready to experience it for myself. I’m most looking forward to the game itself, especially the 4th quarter, because that’s when I expect it to be the most intense.”

Meredith Sloan, junior: “New coach, new year. Things are looking good, this is our chance. If anything, [our ranking] enhances the rivalry because we have fallen behind in the last few matchups, so this makes us more excited as a school and it looks better for the U.”

Erika Orstad, sophomore: “With our new coaching staff, it’s exciting to see a new beginning. I’m really hoping that this game will be a turnaround for Miami.”

Parth Desai, sophomore: “First thing that comes to mind is definitely Chief Osceola coming out and throwing that spear down, and Sebastian the Ibis picking it up and breaking it in half. It’s just two really passionate fan bases. I expect Miami’s defense to take a little bit of a hit this game, but I expect a W in a close game by a field goal or a touchdown. It’s gonna go down to the end because regardless of ranking, Florida State-Miami is always a close game.”

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