Initial interest in journalism turned into integral experience

It’s here? After nearly four years and 150 deadline nights, on this eve of my final one, I find it difficult to comprehend that I am confronting the end.

As a freshman, I saw the opportunity of joining The Miami Hurricane as a photojournalist and decided to pursue it as a means to practice my fondness for photography. However, doing so also brought forth a previously subconscious passion for journalism.

The thrill of covering breaking events, rushing to make ever-so-early deadlines and enjoying the satisfaction of successfully conveying a story through photography became addicting. I developed a love for what I was doing and dedicated my utmost effort to honing my skills. When I first walked into the old TMH newsroom, the one without glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows, I had no idea that I would one day leave holding the position I do today.

The privilege of leading a truly talented group, the satisfaction of witnessing our accomplishments, the friendships forged and the responsibility of navigating through the inevitable struggles of heading a publication have led me to cherish my time spent here.

Through these years, I have met and worked with an amazing set of individuals, and I will never forget the hectic, yet incredibly exciting, deadline nights. I thank my dedicated staff, our faculty adviser Ileana Oroza, who is also departing TMH this year, financial adviser Steve Priepke and senior accounting assistant Isabel Vichot, and all others who I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

While I look forward to beginning a new stage of my life, I also know I will dearly miss the chapter I am closing. I wish the incoming editor-in-chief, Julie Harans, and her staff my best wishes. I am eager to see where they take TMH.

Nick Gangemi is graduating with a degree in economics and will be attending the University of Miami School of Law.