Plan steps after graduation, no matter how small

As the year comes to a close, our class of 2016 seniors will soon be heading off in many different directions, whether it be going to graduate school, breaking into a career or taking a gap year to volunteer, work or travel.

Graduates may feel pressure from family, friends and the successes of their peers to have a solid postgraduate plan. Many still have intimidating decisions to make about the nearing future after college. When so much time, money and energy is invested into an education, we often expect immediate results, even when they cannot be reasonably delivered.

Will you have a job lined up after college? Will you take a year to figure things out? What if that internship falls through? As scary as these questions can be, it is important to answer them. There is no “one size fits all” postgraduate plan, but it is important to have a clear idea of what to do after leaving school. This is no time for winging it.

When students take the time to think about postgraduate options that will meet their unique goals and are still feasible with the limited professional or financial resources they may have, they can make their next step in life, whether small or large, a valuable and educational experience.

Not all students will have the resources to live out their biggest dreams immediately. Not everyone can land the dream internship or take a gap year to jet-set across the world. Some dreams may have to be deferred, and that’s okay.

What’s waiting ahead for graduates in the coming year doesn’t necessarily have to be glamorous or impressive, but it should at least be progressive.

After being immersed for four years in a bubble that has largely emphasized metrics, whether that be the length of our resumes or our GPAs, it is easy for students to forget that success and progress can be defined in ways other than professional achievement and financial security.

There is no one “correct” path to take after graduation, but it is important to at least take a path and keep moving forward.

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