Junior’s ‘Front Office Sports’ website features sports industry content, resources

Junior Adam White created 'Front Office Sports' to feature the stories of executives in the sports field. Hunter Crenian // Contributing Photographer
Junior Adam White created ‘Front Office Sports’ to feature the stories of executives in the sports field. Hunter Crenian // Contributing Photographer

The sports industry is one of the most lucrative fields in America. According to Forbes, the sports market is expected to be valued at $73.5 billion in 2019, and there are hordes of executives across the nation looking to cash in on the action. Adam White, a junior at UM, started frontofficesports.org to capture what life entails for an executive in the sports field.

White describes the website as “an educational resource for students and professionals looking to get into the sports industry.”

He started the website a year and a half ago during the summer after his freshman year. It began as a one-man site, but White has since brought on a larger staff, totaling a team of nearly 20 content creators. “It started as a one-man thing where I was doing interviews, what the basis of the site is,” White said.

But as Front Office Sports grew, White and his staff began to diversify their content. “We started out as a Q&A type thing where it was literally just straight Q&A’s. But once we got bored of that, we decided to switch into a more feature style that has more of our editorial comments,” White said.

Since its inception, Front Office Sports has published articles covering varying groups in the sports field. Everyone from stadium ushers to Adidas executives has been featured on the site. “We have done lawyers, we have done sports agents, we have done marketing people, we have done PR, ticket sales; any part of the industry you can imagine. We have done it all,” White said.

White is a sports administration major with a marketing minor, so he has to learn much of the journalistic aspect of the site on the fly.

“Basically, everything in terms of the journalistic side: style, content and written vocabulary, comes from me teaching myself and learning from other people and just getting a feel of what other people write,” White said.

The site started as a simple blog, but after filing as an LLC last month, White hopes to make Front Office Sports a viable business. “We want to make it the one-stop resource for UM students and professionals who are looking to get into the industry,” White said.

Although Front Office Sports is a young site, it has had early success. In the less than two years the site has been live, frontofficesports.org has had more than 60,000 views.