Dear V: 5 tips for a smooth summer fling

As the end of spring semester approaches, UM students are anticipating internships, summer jobs and mojitos on the beach.

While slaving away studying for finals, remember to make plans to turn up the heat and break a sweat this summer. Here are five tips for a smooth summer fling:

1. Don’t go back to your high-school ex. No need to stir up old feelings.

2. Stick with Tinder. Don’t search for love you’ll leave come August.

3. Avoid awkward parent intrusions by splurging on a hotel room.

4. Pick someone who helps you have fun and relax; he doesn’t have to be a Ph.D. candidate.

5. Keep things light and flirty. No hour-long phone calls or romantic dates.

Stick to a fun, feeling-free summer, and by the time fall semester swings around, you’ll be ready to get your head back in the UM-dating game.