Offensive linemen Trevor Darling and Jahair Jones arrested

Offensive linemen Trevor Darling and Jahair Jones were arrested on the 100 block of Eighth Street in Miami Beach on Wednesday at 7:35 p.m.

According to the arrest affidavit for Jones obtained by The Miami Herald, the two men were “impeding traffic and placed themselves in a dangerous situation.” They were approached by two uniformed police officers, who asked both linemen to move out of the street, but both Canes ignored them. Darling’s arrest affidavit stated that the arresting sergeant gave Darling “five lawful orders to remove himself from the roadway.”

Both Jones and Darling were held on $1,000 bonds at Turner Guilford Correctional Center. Jones remains in custody, but Darling has been released.

While in custody, Darling admitted he had disobeyed the officers. In his arrest affidavit it also states, “the defendant stated that he was in fact ordered by a law enforcement officer to remove himself from the roadway but continued not to follow orders.’’

The Florida state attorney is not prosecuting the case. However, the players may see some sort of punishment from the university.

“I have very high expectations for all of our student-athletes, as I know coach [Mark] Richt does for his team, and any misconduct will be addressed,” Director of Athletics Blake James said in a statement.

Darling started all 13 games for the Canes at left tackle last season as a sophomore, and he is expected to be key part of the offense in 2016.

Jones redshirted the 2015 season after transferring from Brooklyn ASA College.