‘The Finest Hours’ depicts rescue mission by United States Coast Guard

“We all live or we all die” very aptly headlines the movie poster for Disney’s new drama “The Finest Hours,” which depicts the most daring rescue mission in American Coast Guard history.

The film tells the incredible true story of newly-engaged coast guard Bernie Webber who sets out into the Atlantic from Chatham, Massachusetts during one of the strongest storms in New England’s history. His goal, to rescue a crew of 32 men trapped on a nonfunctional oil tanker, halved by the ferocious waves.

“[The Finest Hours] has a strong message, a good story, good characters. This one is particularly exciting,” said Casey Affleck, who plays character Ray Sybert in the film, during a conference call with student media.

Chris Pine, who plays the character Bernie Webber, shared the qualities of his character, who he described as “relatable.”

“He was a simple guy who loved his job and loved those waters,” Pine said. “He’s just a good, solid man who goes about business just because he wants to do right … and I learn a lot from him.”

After occurring in 1952, the Pendleton Rescue Mission was buried in history books. That’s one of the reasons why Affleck is most excited about the film, he explained.

“It’s great when you can find a totally forgotten story like this … and bring it to life,” he said. “It’s quite an amazing story.”

The thrilling drama has countless points of suspense, and its CGI effects put viewers right at the heart of the action. Out in Disney Digital 3-D, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D, the film doesn’t fail to immerse its audience in the whole spectacle.

Disney’s “The Finest Hours” hit theaters on Friday, Jan. 29, and is showing at AMC Sunset, among other venues.