Republican debate to be held at UM

UPDATED, 8:36 p.m. Jan. 20:

Chris Dalton, President of the UM College Republicans, was excited to hear the Republican nominees would be debating at the school.

“The announcement that the University of Miami will host a Republican Primary Debate is exciting news for the entire UM family. College students will bear the burden of the priorities and policies of the next president, and as such we are eager to play such a vital role in helping to vet and select the next commander-in-chief. As an organization, the University of Miami College Republicans have been actively following all of the debates and are excited at the prospect of not only being able to watch a debate live, but to host it right on our campus. Just five days before the Florida primary, this debate could be the deciding factor for many voters here in Florida. Regardless political party, all 16,000 students are fortunate to have this major campaign event happening at the University of Miami.”

The University of Miami will play a role in the selection of the next Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election.

The Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that the school will host a debate on March 10, according to the Miami Herald. The debate will be  five days before the Florida Republican primary and one day after a Democratic primary debate will be held at Miami Dade College. CNN, the Washington Times and Salem Radio Network will lead the debate.

During the 2008 presidential election cycle, the school hosted primary debates for both the Republican and Democratic parties. Both were led by Univision. UM also hosted a general election debate between President George W. Bush and John Kerry in 2004.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, as well as Florida Senator and UM Law School grad Marco Rubio, could be involved in the debate if they make it through the month and a half of caucuses leading up the debate, which is the last scheduled debate in the Republican primary cycle.

A University spokesperson did not confirm or deny the report.

Featured image courtesy Flickr Ninian Reid