Miami studios, gyms break routine of New Year’s fitness goals

Let’s face it – although New Year’s resolutions provide us with a fresh start in paving the way to a better lifestyle, they often prove to be a little difficult to stick to. For many of us, the reinvigorated mindset that comes with a new year motivates us to hit the gym more – whether it be to shed some of those extra holiday cookie pounds or simply to stay active. However, that daily routine of treadmill cardio and pushups can grow drab and boring after a few weeks. To keep you away from that mid-January slump, we’ve found some studios and gyms right here in Miami that offer innovative and fun exercise classes to help you reach your fitness goals.

Barre Motion:

Looking for a firm and toned body? Barre Motion offers daily classes in barre training, a quickly spreading fitness phenomenon that centralizes on challenging, low-impact movements originating deep in the core and muscles. Combining the nuances and athleticism of ballet training with the mindfulness and structure of Pilates or yoga, barre training has been proven to provide rapid, transformative results.

$30 per class; 1560 Lenox Ave., Miami Beach; 305-534-8087;

Barry’s Bootcamp:

Barry’s Bootcamp is perfect if you’re looking for an all-rounded fat burning, high intensity workout. Touted by celebrities from Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake to Katie Couric, Barry’s Bootcamp is said to deliver over a 1,000-calorie-burn-per-hour workout regardless of skill level. This high calorie burn is caused by an innovative technique that works to “shock” the body in the most effective way in order to promote fat loss and improve cardiovascular activity. With a vibrant ambience and enthusiastic instructors, heading over to Barry’s is a must if you’re ever in the Miami Beach area.

$30 per class; 1835 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach; 786-888-1699;

The Vixen Workout:

For any Zumba or CFunk enthusiasts, The Vixen Workout may be the perfect step-up in your cardio dance fitness journey. Founded by Janet Jones, a ballet-trained former Miami Heat star dancer, The Vixen Workout is an intense hip-hop cardio class that has taken the dance fitness scene by storm. Inspired by the Miami nightlife scene, this female-only class provides a club-like atmosphere for women to cut loose with clever choreography while completing muscle training and full-body toning.

$15 per class; Body & Soul Gym, 3181 SW 38 Court, Miami; 786-334-6802;


What better way to take advantage of Miami’s year-round tropical climate than by getting a workout on the water? Over the last five years, the sport of stand up paddling (SUP) has gained immense popularity around the world. A stand up paddling workout can vary from just a nice relaxing paddle to an all-out high intensity effort, providing a wide range of workout rigor with minimal to no joint impact. Emphasizing upper arm and core training through cross training, paddle boarding provides an amazing workout to improve your endurance and strength. SUPtheworkout offers both indoor and outdoor group classes (held at the US Sailing Center) for any skill level, ranging from beginners to advanced paddle boarders.

$35 per class; SUPtheworkout Studio, 3096 Fuller Street, Coconut Grove; 561-644-6873;


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay user GYMer_Jason.