Semester statistics shed light on campus crime

An average of one crime is being recorded by police every day on the University of Miami’s Coral Gables campus in the three and a half months since the school’s fall semester began. University of Miami Police Department crime logs showed 105 crimes in the 105 days from Aug. 18th until Nov. 1, not including eight that were classified as “unfounded.” Eight were listed as having arrests made, one was listed as cleared and another was listed as a trespass warning being issued; the disposition for all crimes without these classifications was “open.”

Thefts, larcenies and burglaries made up the vast majority of those crimes with 50. 23 narcotics violations occurred during the same time; 14 were listed at Hecht Residential College, five were listed at Stanford Residential College, two were listed at both Eaton Residential College and the University Village, while Mahoney Residential College had one.

One sexual assault, one “sexual battery/assault,” and one sex offense were listed. Eight instances of simple battery or assault were recorded.

Seven instances of both fraud and vandalism have also been recorded.

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Infographics by Savanah Debrosse