WCGSports: Golden State Warriors dominating, need more challenges

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The Golden State Warriors have dominated the NBA season with a perfect 12-0 record.

The team burst onto the scene last season with a record 67-15 in the regular season, including a mind-boggling 39-2 at home at the Oracle Arena.

After capping off the season with an NBA title win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, many people speculated that the Warriors had an easy road to the final by avoiding the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder, in addition to the Warriors’ opponents not having a full healthy lineup.

The real question was whether the Warriors truly were as good as they seemed, or did the team just have one lucky season?

After 12 games this season, I can tell you that not only are the Warriors still the best team in the whole league – the team’s absolutely dominating most opponents so far.

Led by reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry, the Warriors have amassed 100 points in every game thus far. Although the team struggled against the Brooklyn Nets and had to win in overtime, the Warriors have been solid the first month of the season.

This year, Curry is on another level, averaging 33.4 ppg and 5.2 three-pointers per game. It’s unheard of to average that many threes in a game.

The key reason for all the scoring by Curry and the rest of the team is the incapability of other teams to play aggressive defense early in the season. Come playoff time, the Warriors will be challenged more and need to depend on more than just three-pointers.

The most wins in a season of all-time came from the Chicago Bulls in 1996 with a record of 72-10. Although it is too early to tell whether that record will be broken this year, the Warriors have a good chance to do so.