United Black Students shows most spirit during Storm Warning, new Homecoming tradition

As the sun set on the Whitten University Center Patio Wednesday afternoon, hurricane sirens sounded off. They marked the inauguration of a new Homecoming tradition, The Storm Warning.

Students walked from the Lakeside Patio to the Knight Sports Complex, where the students would eventually watch the University of Miami women’s volleyball team play against Florida State University (FSU).

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Designed to pump up students for the game, the competition was judged by the Homecoming Executive Committee on how loud their cheers were, and how much spirit they showed. United Black Students was announced as the organization with the most spirit during the volleyball game, inching them closer to a homecoming title.

“There was no better time to do this first event than while playing against FSU,” said Kevin Weaver, the chair of Storm Warning. “The march to the stadium, while we do our Canes chant, will pump us up to cheer on our team. The storm warning serves as an alert to FSU the fans are coming.”

From the patio, Sebestian led students past the Donna E. Shalala Student Center, past the freshmen residential colleges and to the sports complex while singing Hurricane chants.

Accompanying Sebastian was the UM baseball mascot, The Miami Maniac alongside the cheerleading dance team, Sunsations.

At the end of the walk, there was food served by catering company, Chef Paella, who offered Cuban chicken or veggie rice.