The Rival site launches, offers journalism opportunities

The Rival, an online publication produced by students “to give the students of University of Miami their voices back,” launched on Wednesday afternoon.

As part of an expansion, The Rival launched at eight new campuses Wednesday, including Duke University, George Mason University, Notre Dame University, American University, Howard University, Indiana University, Rochester University and UM.  It includes five distinct sections and a list of 16 students on its “About Us” page, where the mission statement reads: “To speak the language of UMiami students, to change the meaning of campus journalism, and to make you think, laugh, and think again.”

In 2014, the original publication launched at George Washington University “as a response to filtered and outdated traditional campus publications,” according to its website.

“Formerly DC-based, the Rival’s multi-campus expansion now allows students all over the country to speak freely about their student experiences and college culture, explore creative styles, and share ideas in a whole new way,” their website says.

Their sections are listed as “What []_[] Want: Satire/Health & Wellness/Sports/Campus News,” “Sh!T that Matters: Politics/International News/Current Events,” “411 on the 305: Miami Life” and “Bad Habits: Social Life/Guilty Pleasures.”

Staff members of The Rival at UM didn’t respond to email requests for comment.

The Rival can be found at

Featured image courtesy The Rival