Raid your closet for this year’s Halloween costume

If you’re short on cash or tired of the Halloween shop options, try peeking in your own closet for costume inspiration. These five looks are built off of pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe.



Against the chiding of others, you finally have an excuse to bring your trench coat to Miami. Pull off this suave look with some ‘70s separates, like a hound’s-tooth skirt and derby vest. A plaid cap and suede boots will keep this outfit cool and collected. If you’re still not looking ready to solve a case, grab a briefcase and a spyglass to polish off your detective getup.


Indiana Jones

This outfit is all about layers of beige. Throw on some khakis and a cream button-down, then add a brown windbreaker to get Indie’s signature style. Some hiking boots and an outdoorsy fedora will complete the look. Smudge a bit of dirt or eyeliner on your cheeks for an added effect.



This outfit is a costume full of fall trends. Start with a lace-up peasant top and over-the-knee boots. Add some swashbuckling swag with a suede vest and skirt set. Don’t forget to deck yourself out in gold – a coin necklace and parrot pin will solidify your place as a pirate.


VMAs Miley

This costume is marginally better than walking around naked. For decency, start with a nude bodysuit. Channel Miley’s glittery getup with a sequin skirt and duct tape across the chest. Accessorize with some clip-in dreads, faux crystals and a Wrecking Ball red lip.


Vintage Princess Leia

With the new “Star Wars” movie coming out, it’s the perfect time to pay homage to the classic princess. If you don’t have a long white robe, mimic the look with all-white separates. Add a cute gun clutch instead of lugging around a defender-sporting blaster pistol. The final touch is Leia’s signature side buns; you can always add a hairpiece if your locks aren’t quite up to par.