Golden given pink slip fans have been calling for


After seasons of pleas to “#FireAlGolden,” the school and Director of Athletics Blake James have listened.

During orientation, new students are practically indoctrinated with our school’s proud football history, reciting back the years the Hurricanes won the national title like studying for a history test: ‘83, ‘87, ‘89, ‘91, ‘01.

Looking at this weekend’s 58-0 blowout against the sixth-ranked Clemson Tigers, no one could have ever guessed that the Miami Hurricanes were once stuff of legend. Miami fans and students alike were rightfully furious about the performance, the worst loss in our program’s history.

Now, after weeks of hemming and hawing about retaining Golden until the end of the season, James has caved to the pressure of furious fans, donors and the Board of Trustees. At some point, enough is enough, and the Clemson-Miami game went far beyond that limit.

Under just four and a half seasons of Golden, the Canes had 14 double-digit losses, which matches the total number UM racked up between 1980-95, per the Miami Herald. Under Golden, Miami never beat a team that finished the year ranked in the top 25.

Though our players may not be superstars, a loss this crippling should never have happened. In addition, UM has not been taking full advantage of the fact that it is located in the most talent-rich high school football region in the country; hopefully the change in leadership will revive the Hurricanes’ competitive recruitment.

This program has long been in dire need of a reboot. Now that the university has finally admitted that the current performance is unacceptable, all efforts should go into finding a new coach capable of reviving the program.

The sooner new leadership is found, the more time they will have to build a strong coaching staff and recruiting class during the off-season.

Regardless of what decisions are made during the upcoming months, Miami fans around the nation can breathe a temporary sigh of relief knowing that the so-called “Golden Era” is finally over.

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