Farmer’s Market provides array of shakes, fruits, treats

We all know that smell – that sweet, distinctive smell that wafts about in front of Club Richter on Wednesday afternoons. It’s the smell of warm empanadas and coconut; it’s the smell of fresh-made crepes and crisp fruit. We know that smell means one thing: it’s farmer’s market season again.

This year’s inaugural farmer’s market started strong with 34 vendors from around Miami bringing all kinds of enticing products to campus. From handmade decorative stickers to Argentine-style poached eggs and steak, there was something for everyone at this week’s fair.

As always, the gyro stand enjoyed a lot of attention. With lines exiting the stand in all directions, the palatable greek wraps were being cooked, rolled and devoured at an astonishing rate. Another UM favorite was the kettle corn booth, which gave out samples to students, many of whom proved helpless to the sweet taste and crunch of the corn.

Students also flock to the coconut shakes stand. “It’s the best coconut shake in the world, boasted Alonso Marquez, the proprietor of Coconut Products, a Miami-based coconut business offering delicious Venezuelan-style shakes. He knows it takes more than just a good-tasting product to win over picky, health-conscious UM students. Marquez’s shakes are chock-full of potassium, magnesium and iron. His business is a rather innovative one, as he is one of the very few coconut shake businesses in all of Miami.

Cries of Come get lost in this sauce! and I got the spice for ya life!could be heard resonating from the booth of another familiar face around UM, the self-proclaimed “Hot Sauce Boss.” Malik Jamal, who has been selling hot sauce at UM for years, has been “slangin his sauce” all over the U.S. since 2003. In 2009, his product was even declared the official hot sauce of the NBA.

The UM Farmer’s Market will be back with irresistible grub and trinkets every Wednesday.