Food trucks bring new flavors to campus

Nothing beats the midday blues like a food truck at the University of Miami. Whether for a full lunch, or just a pick-me-up snack, food trucks always feel like a special treat or an occasion. Here’s a guide to some of the food trucks you can find around campus:


Jefe’s is known for one thing, and that’s their wonderful fish tacos. Reasonably priced and bursting with fresh flavors, they make an excellent lunch or snack. There are also Mexican cuisine options on the menu, as well as juicy burgers and fries. Jefe’s is located near the Cox Science building on Wednesdays.


Unique to our campus, the Uragano pizza truck provides tasty pizza at assorted campus locations. It features 11 varieties of pizza, from traditional to elaborate options. They are perfect for splitting or simply for a midday pizza break. Uragano can be found at the Rock.

Cold Stone Creamery

Everyone’s favorite hot summer afternoon treat comes right to campus a few times a week. Parked by the Rock, it offers ice cream mixed with your choice of toppings, as well as milkshakes. It’s there when you need to beat the heat on a sunny day, as a mid-week reward, or for Friday afternoon celebration.


When in the mood for a slightly trendier food truck experience, HipPops allows for creating your own sweet concoction by making your own flavor combination. You first select from a gelato, yogurt or sorbet base, pair it with a dip and then add crunchy toppings to finish it off. Simple combinations like vanilla with a milk chocolate dip and peanut toppings are possible, as are the pops that really shine in flavor with adventurous combinations.