Senate Recap: safety increases, aquarium approved

Aquarium for Whitten University Center

The bill to install a new 1000-gallon Caribbean reef aquarium in the Whitten University Center was passed, much to the relief of Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Senator Sam May, who has been working on the installment project for three years.

If installed, the L-shaped aquarium would allow students to view and learn about the natural inhabitants of the aquatic environments, which would create a positive impact for the campus community. The proposed aquarium would also feature Caribbean stony corals, making the university among the few display systems to have them.

“The University of Miami is one of the only universities in the United States with access to a live coral reef ecosystem,” May said. “Bringing that to our campus is emblematic of the visions of the university. It’s a good way to incorporate a piece of Miami onto our campus.”

San Amaro Pedestrian Safety

Also discussed was San Amaro pedestrian safety. Student Government (SG) had a meeting with the transportation advisory board and they have agreed to come up with a long-term solution for the safety of pedestrians. During planning, the immediate interim solution will be a pedestrian crossing sign to be placed at crosswalks.

Medical Amnesty Policy

In an effort to better commit to the safety of students in regards to excessive use of drugs or alcohol, Pier 21 and SG are promoting the medical amnesty policy. If a student has a friend who needs medical attention from alcohol or drug-related activities, the Dean of Students Office will not ask about the caller’s participation in the consumption of any substances.

Weather Safety at Football Games

If there is a lightning delay during a football game, no buses will run. It is encouraged for the students to stay in the stadium for their safety. Bus operations will resume once the lightning stops.


  • Research is being done by Academic Affairs on professors recording their lectures. They are also looking into policies for absence and sick leave policies. Some classes accept emergencies as excused absences and some classes do not, so an excused absence policy is being discussed.
  • ​Various students were sworn into Supreme Court. Alani Fraga, Meghana Jami and Raymond Truong were all ratified as Supreme Court Associate Justices.
  • ​The Farmers Market will return on Sept. 30.

Correction: This story originally said the aquarium was planned for the Donna E. Shalala Student Center.