President Frenk’s “Listening” website seeks suggestions, concerns

A new website launched Thursday as part of President Julio Frenk’s “100 Days of Listening,” and today the president sent an email to the University of Miami community urging its members to communicate their suggestions, ideas and concerns through the website.

The “Listening Exercise” portion of the Office of the President’s website,, has a short “About” section and a “Virtual Mailbox” that appears when a visitor selects “Share Your Ideas.” The virtual mailbox acts as a controlled method of receiving the messages that members of the community have for President Frenk.

After asking whether the visitor is a faculty member, staff member, student, alum or another member of the community, the website prompts the visitor with six questions before asking if they would like to submit their answers anonymously or provide basic contact information including their name and email address.

The questions posed in the virtual mailbox are:

  • What are UM’s key strengths (academic, administrative, artistic, athletic, service?) How can UM build on those strengths?
  • What are UM’s main challenges? What can the university do to address those challenges?
  • What are the untold stories of UM having an impact in our community, locally and globally?
  • What are the key opportunities facing UM over the next five years? What criteria do you recommend to identify priorities?
  • If you had one word to describe UM, what would it be?
  • What else would you like to share about your experiences with UM?

Frenk’s official inauguration as president will take place on January 29, where he plans to unveil what he has heard during his listening tour.

“It is my true conviction that by bringing together the collective wisdom of the University of Miami community, we can shape an extraordinary vision for the future,” Frenk wrote in his letter.

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