Seven easy ways to show your Canes pride during football season

Football season is upon us, and our Miami Hurricanes are gearing up for the exciting few months ahead. Football games are a time to parade our orange and green and display with full vivacity why it’s great to be a Miami Hurricane. Here are some easy ways to amp up your Canes wardrobe and show your Hurricane pride without making any penalties on your bank account.

Repurposed T-shirts

Anyone who has been a freshman at the U knows that it’s impossible to walk away from an Orientation event without a handful of free T-shirts. With nothing but a pair of scissors, it’s easier than ever to transform a regular T-shirt into a fashionable halter, tank, or crop top. You can also add fringe or beads to the bottom for a boho touch.


We have all seen those extra-spirited Canes that cover their entire chests with orange and green body paint. Those who are more modestly inclined can use paint to show their spirit, too. It’s very easy to create shirts with just a squirt of green paint and an orange T-Shirt bought at the Dollar Store or Target. Face-paint can also be used to make simple designs on one’s cheeks and arms. We all know that the “U” Game Day face decals are incredibly cute, but paint is an easy and affordable substitute. Some eye-black can’t hurt either.


Beads are not necessarily just for Mardi Gras. Run over to Party City to grab some orange and green necklaces for a quick and easy accessory to your tailgate tanks. They come in packs of multiples so they’re super fun to share with friends.


Socks are a small detail that can show off a lot of spirit. Whether you have a pair of calf-highs with Sebastian embroidered on them, or if you just ran over to CVS to buy a pair of plain knee-high Wilson athletic socks, you can show your Miami pride while wearing something you would wear anyway.

Nail Polish

Ladies, don’t invest in a gel manicure before a football game – We all know that the phrase “no-chip” only goes so far. Just because we don’t want to drop $30 on salon treatment doesn’t mean we can’t show our Canes spirit on our fingers. CVS and Target sell bottles of extreme colors for very cheap. What better way to admire your new self-manicure than while throwing up the U?

Hair Accessories

If you don’t own any Canes-themed embellishments for your hair to wear on game days, it’s super easy to make them yourself. Bows, headbands, hair ties – the possibilities are endless! Michaels has premade bows that you can simply stick onto a hair clip or you can create your own custom accessory. You can even use remnants that you have cut from your T-shirts as easy hair wraps. If you’re having a good hair day you don’t want to cover it up with a baseball cap anyway.


The singular easiest way to show your Canes sprit comes at no cost at all. The best way to support the Canes isn’t by wearing wild outfits (although it can’t hurt) – it’s by cheering on your team! Support your Canes; go to their games – both home and away — and vocally express your support all along the way. The way you behave will reflect your Canes spirit more than anything you wear. Remember – win or lose, we are all still part of the Canes fam, and that in itself is something to be proud of.