Dear V: Getting hairy with the roomie

Dear V,

I’m a freshman living with a roommate in the dorms. She’s one of my best friends and is a total blast to hang out with, but lately she’s been “sexiling” me more than I can handle. I have tests to study for and classes to wake up for, too … I’m tired of napping on library couches instead of sleeping in my own bed. Last night, I decided I’d conveniently come back in to my dorm because I “forgot something” and ask how long it would be until things wrap up. Needless to say, that was a huge mistake. I walked in on my roommate with not one, not two, but three other people … and they were all wearing creative clothing (fur suits). My roommate is beyond pissed I didn’t text her first, but I’m too busy trying to get the image of the fur suits out of my head to respond. How do I keep this awkward situation from turning into an all-out battle?


Dressed to Impress


Dear Dressed to Impress,

You’ve really made it awkward with the whole herd, now, huh?

 You’re definitely getting more than planned with your roomie, but if she’s a good friend besides this small quirk, I wouldn’t call it quits on her just yet. Besides, different strokes for different folks, huh? I’m sure you’ve got a few weird things about you tucked up your sleeve. Maybe yours is leather and chains while hers is hoofs and saddles, but nonetheless, if it’s consensual and makes everybody involved happy, it’s nothing to worry about.

Let’s avoid making this situation more, er … fuzzy.

First, apologize for barging in on her barnyard blowout – your roommate is angry because she’s humiliated. A text before coming back into the room would have been nice; she would’ve had time to change out of her jungle jammies and into something less shocking, possibly human clothing. Or anything else, really.

But anyway, what’s the deal with the other three folks? If they know you saw them all giddied up, you should probably break the ice with them, too. You don’t have to outright say, “I’m sorry I walked in on your furry party.” That’ll make things worse. But a calm, “Sorry about the other night. Hope we’re cool!” should suffice.

The real issue here is that your roomie’s costume craze is interfering with your comfort in your own dorm. So, take her out for a coffee and pop the question – maybe next time, the herd can locate to another stable.

Hopefully, your roomie will listen. And hey, if you’re looking to save money on Halloween this year, you’ll know whose closet to crash.