Recipes fit for college lifestyle

With the lack of an equipped kitchen, time or will, cooking good meals may seem impossible in college. However, with just a tad of imagination and three basic tools, expanding your options is less difficult than you think. Meet your new best friends: a mug, waffle maker and microwave.

Meals in mugs

Expand the functionality of a mug or cereal bowl by venturing into these simple recipes. Making something as delicious as a baked stuffed apple, a French-style cheese omelet or even okra bites doesn’t have to be impossible.

Cheese omeletteBeat two large eggs and two tablespoons of water in a mug. Add three tablespoons of easy-melting cheese and stir. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for one minute. Stir, re-cover and microwave again for two minutes. Sprinkle with herbs, if desired.

Baked stuffed appleCore an apple and cut off the top. Place it in cup and stuff with one tablespoon of raisins, one tablespoon of chopped nuts, one tablespoon of sugar and  half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Top with half a teaspoon of butter and pour two tablespoons of water around the apple. Cover and microwave for five minutes. Remove foil and add two extra minutes. It’s grandma’s classic, rediscovered.

Okra bites: Place okra, tops cut and sliced in half, in cup. Add a pinch of salt and granulated garlic. Microwave for two minutes on high. Stir, drizzle with a fourth of a teaspoon of olive oil and cook for another two minutes.


Waffle iron recipes

A waffle iron is quite the life-changing gadget. There’s more to them than just waffles – you can even book bacon and eggs with one.

Crisp bacon: Coat the waffle iron with  cooking spray and cook the bacon until it reaches the desired crisp.

Waffle hash brownsSpray cooking spray and add the frozen tots. Crisp them as desired.

Scrambled eggs: Stir eggs with cheese and other mix-ins and spread onto an oil spray-covered waffle maker.

Pizza: Spread pre-cooked pizza dough on the iron. Then add cheese, pepperoni and other toppings for pizza in seconds with no mess.

Cookies: Cook the dough until golden brown. Although these will turn out thin and square, they keep the same delicious taste that satisfies sweet cravings like no stale supermarket stash can.


Featured image by Pixabay user Artyom