EDM group Galantis talks technology, favorite performances

Christian Karlsson (left) and Linus Eklöw (right) of Galantis clap along to the beat of their song “Runaway” at the opening of their Sunday afternoon set. Hallee Meltzer // Photo Editor

The party’s still popping at Lollapalooza, and the Miami Hurricane got a chance to talk to Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw of the EDM group Galantis. The duo shared their thoughts on technology’s effect on music and what the future holds for Galantis.

The Miami Hurricane: How do you think technology is impacting music today and, in particular, your music?

Christian: I think the impact was a long time ago, and now it’s getting so that everyone, everywhere, anyplace can do whatever. It’s like you go back to basics again because it’s not any longer a competition like “who got what new computer.” Everyone’s got everything, so now it’s back to piano, providing a melody and song. I think that’s what happened.

[Technology is] important, especially in the finishing stages. Though, when we use [technology], it doesn’t have an impact on us or what’s making the song good or not. The whole revolution of [EDM] was 10 years ago. Now, it’s like we can all make a song from our iPhone. We don’t even think about that. We all do it. It’s not like I could have something the next guy doesn’t have because we all have it. So, you go back to the piano and the guitar, and you write a song instead.


TMH: Is there someone you’d like to collaborate with in the near future?

Christian: The perfect collaboration is right here! It’s Christian working with Linus. It’s a very good collab.


TMH: What’s your favorite city to play and why?

Linus: That’s a hard one. We’ve been experiencing the whole world as Galantis. Just meeting all our fans from around the globe is an amazing thing, so to call one city out is really hard. To call a show out, we’d have to say the first one we ever did at Coachella. That’s definitely one of the shows that are up there.

Christian: Asia is a market where we haven’t really played. We had an amazing time in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Fuji Rock in Japan. It was amazing.


TMH: What’s your best memory from your performances?

Christian: One experience with a crowd in Norway recently was pretty extraordinary. It was a huge crowd and they were so going for it, that it looked different. It was like an ocean of high energy. It was almost as if there was some weird magic going on. It was really cool. Big props to the Norwegian crazy people.


TMH: What’s next for Galantis?

Linus: The Pharmacy, [Galantis’ most recent album], has opened.

Christian: Yeah, and we’re out here handing out prescriptions to everyone. So, a lot of touring and a lot of festivals, and then we’re planning a big headline tour in the U.S.