Behind the scenes and spices of TMH’s global flavors cover

Art Director Sarbani Ghosh photographs a collection of global spices for The Miami Hurricane's "Savor Global Flavor" issue.
Art Director Sarbani Ghosh photographs a collection of global spices for The Miami Hurricane’s “Savor Global Flavors” issue.

If our food issue left you hungry for more, check out what went on behind the scenes in the making of our “Savor Global Flavors” issue.

Art Director Sarbani Ghosh, Designer Emma Deardorff and Edge Editor Ashley Martinez spent Saturday at Trader Joe’s and Publix picking up the perfect ingredients for the shoot.

More than 20 spices went into this issue to depict six international spice combinations and six continents. (Sorry, Antarctica, you didn’t make the cut.)

Here’s a breakdown of our spice inspiration for each continent.

spices globe
With a world of flavors available, it’s time to break out of takeout. For those looking for a way to jazz up routine recipes, without much skill or expense, the answer is to add spices. Each cuisine has its distinct flavor comprised of regional spices.

North America: We went with parsley for America because it’s prevalent in cuisines throughout the world, and America is a melting pot of different cultures.

Canada: Peppercorns are typically used on steaks and Canada is well-known for its steakhouses.

South America: Chili Powder is a staple of the warm, rich cuisines found throughout the continent.

Greenland: Garlic is integral in nearly every flavor profile on the map. We chose it to represent the frosty temperatures of snow-covered Greenland.

Europe: As a land of many countries and cultures and with so much diversity, it is striking how many countries in the region incorporate fennel into their traditional meals.

Africa: Africa’s thyme production industry coupled with the fact that the green resembles the African savanna made thyme the perfect fit for it.

Russia: The Russian Federation in northern Eurasia is home to rich, hearty stews that incorporate warm flavors like paprika.

Middle East/Asia: This region is the bright yellow of Turmeric, a spice prevalent in many of its dishes.

Australia: The land down under is a vibrant combination of crushed red pepper flakes that symbolize the country’s hot temperatures.

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