Program to fuse sports, art, entertainment

The University of Miami School of Law has introduced a new graduate law program that focuses on entertainment, arts and sports.

The Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law LL.M. is a postgraduate law degree that continues the law school’s focus on meeting the need for specific expertise as the lines between sports, entertainment and arts intersect, according to a press release sent by the School of Law.

Students like sophomore Chloe Harrison, who is majoring in business law and minoring in sports administration, think this program is a necessity for UM.

“It’s needed here at UM, considering Miami has four major professional sports teams. Athletes and coaches need representation,” Harrison said.

Harold Flegelman, inaugural director of the LL.M. program, said this degree continues the School of Law’s tradition of being a leader in the field of legal education.

“One of our objectives is to expose students to the varied ways in which lawyers work in the entertainment business,” Flegelman said. “Entertainment law is not only about representing actors, artists and athletes, but also about representing interests as diverse as, for example, museums, sports franchises and owners of motion picture libraries.”

Flegelman will teach a course on negotiating for the entertainment industry. The course will address all aspects of acquisition, venture capital and private equity transactions with an emphasis on the entertainment industry.

The program offers students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one or more of the three areas and gain practical training, according to Flegelman.

Courses will focus on the development of the legal skills that are applicable to business transactions. Throughout the program, courses will be taught by seasoned practitioners, and each student will be required to find a practicum for workplace training.

The program is awaiting approval from the Board of Trustees and will begin August 2015 with full-time and part-time options.

Flegelman encourages students who are confident in their interest of gaining expertise in one or more of these areas to apply.