Electronic music duo Timeflies to perform at HP Canes Carnival

Resnick and Shapiro of Timeflies // Courtesy Alex Goykhman via Wikimedia Commons
Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro of Timeflies // Courtesy Alex Goykhman via Wikimedia Commons

Timeflies will be performing at HP Canes Carnival, according to a Hurricane Productions announcement at the Rat Friday afternoon. The carnival will be held on April 24.

Timeflies is a musical duo consisting of producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Caleb Shapiro. The duo describes their musical genre as “electro hip pop dub-something” on their official website and are best known for songs like “Monsters” and “I Choose U.”

Andy Zike, vice chair for HP, was pleased by the student response to the big reveal.

“The students seemed very excited,” Zike said. “We had cheers and applause during the announcement– everyone seems to be looking forward to the Canes Carnival event on the 24th.”

Junior Eric Alvarado felt that HP made a good choice.

“I’m pumped for this,” he said. “HP knows how to pick good music.”

HP surveyed about 750 students to aid with selecting the artist. Timeflies ranked among the top artists favored by students and was also viewed as feasible to book for the spring semester.

“My personal reaction was one of surprise,” Zike said of determining the selected performers. “I was surprised we had the budget to afford such a popular up-and-coming artist for our spring concert.”

Some students had not heard of the duo before, but junior Amanda Pearl viewed that as a positive.

“That’s the kind of artist we should be exposed to,” Pearl said. “There are so many great artists that you don’t even know are out there. I just looked them up and they look really good.”

Junior Kritos Vasiloudes agreed.

“I never really heard of Timeflies,” he said. “But I really enjoyed Matt and Kim when I saw them. It’s different than the other types of concerts that I go to, so that’s more exciting, I feel.”

Senior Andre Buchanan said he expected the artist to be well-received, even by students who were new to Timeflies.

“It’ll appeal to a lot of people,” he said. “Everyone loves indie a little bit. Their song ‘All the Way’ is really good.”

Although not a household name, Timeflies is still a popular pick for its up-and-coming nature, Zike said.

“HP feels that the artist is a great fit because of their current popularity,” Zike said. “We wanted to bring a current popular artist to campus that the students could really groove to and build off the popularity of our past concerts.”