Dear V: Embrace alter egos in the bedroom…


Recently, I came home early from work to surprise my boyfriend with a couple of Redbox movies and a bottle of wine. However, I got more than I was asking for. I walked in on my boyfriend wearing my bra and underwear. At first, I was uncomfortable and considered breaking up with him on the spot. Afterwards, he assured me he wasn’t questioning his sexuality and just had a fetish for playing around with women’s clothing. I’ve decided that I want to help him feel sexually fulfilled. Where should I start?


Swapping Styles

Dear Swapping Styles,

Good for you for stealing a chapter from Madonna’s playbook. “Dress You Up” is all about playing into your man’s desires, and you’re a great girlfriend for being willing to stray from the beaten path in the bedroom. I always encourage couples to explore both each other and themselves through intimacy, so I’ve created a cheat sheet for you and your guy to consult as you explore this new part of your relationship.

Speaking of Madonna, I’ve found some other playful pop personas your guy can try on for size.

Katy Perry: Your boyfriend isn’t just “One of the Boys,” so let’s make him feel special. Hand him your puffiest push-up bra and your brightest bubbly skirt.  Throw in a few Skittles and Hershey’s kisses to show off his sweet side. You can say you “Kissed a Girl,” and your boyfriend won’t mind it. However, remember to leave “Left Shark” in the ocean.

Britney Spears: Put a platinum blonde wig on your guy’s head and give him your old high school uniform and heels. Watch him become a femme fatale before your eyes. Don’t be shy, because the bedroom is your own “Circus.”

Rihanna: Get a little “Loud” with this one. A bright red bob wig and shiny black bodysuit will make your man feel like the “Only Girl in the World.” If we’ve learned anything from Rihanna’s “S&M,” a few whips and chains can be exciting.

Lady Gaga: Release your inner monster with this one. Your boyfriend can don a red bodysuit with lacy fishnets and flash his best “Poker Face” despite his excitement. Or wrap him up in caution tape and turn off his “Telephone”… you’ll need some peace and quiet with his disco stick.

Embrace this new activity that the two of you can share in private, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.