Dear V: Investigating a potential love triangle

Dear V,

I walked in on my boyfriend in bed with a random girl he met off of Tinder a month ago and instantly broke up with him. I packed my stuff, moved out and am staying with my best friend in her apartment. Of course, he begged for my forgiveness, but I’m glad I didn’t give him a second chance. Suddenly, my best friend has been acting weird. She always hides her phone from me and won’t tell me who’s she’s texting. I don’t want to think that she’s talking to my ex-boyfriend, but we were all friends before the breakup … what should I do?


Suspicious Sally

Dear Suspicious Sally,

You have good reason to be worried since your best friend’s behavior has changed suddenly.

Don’t pull a Carrie Underwood and smash your ex’s car, especially since it’s not “Before He Cheats.” He’s already fooled around on you once, so why wouldn’t he again?

The bigger problem here is your friend. You’re not prying into her business; you’re just asking who she’s talking to. With a friendship as close as yours, that’s not an odd question. If she thinks you’re being pushy, I’d say she’s hiding something.

I wonder if there’s a love triangle you’re on the outskirts of. For all you know, your ex may have “swiped right” on your bestie.

Let’s find out the truth – interrogation style. Slip on your favorite suit and tie, grab your magnifying glass and call yourself Sherlock. It’s time to get creative solving this case. Ask your mutual friends if she’s been talking to a guy she’s interested in and see if they turn mute on you too. It’s never fun to be the last to know, but it’s still worth knowing. If you can’t get an answer out of them, confront your best friend directly. If she still refuses to tell you who she’s talking to, then you’ve got your answer.

Do the same thing you did with your ex – cut the cord and pack your bags. A best friend who’d get freaky with your ex isn’t the kind of best friend to keep around.

Try to attract better people in the future. Don’t date a guy who won’t delete his Tinder for you, and don’t be friends with girls who’d hook up with your ex. Hopefully, you’ll find your Watson soon – best friend or boyfriend.