Senate Recap: HBO Go for residents, take-out dining

While other students are caught up in exams, Student Government (SG) is wrapping up on its end-of-the-year projects to prepare for the upcoming semester.

  • Academic Affairs is still completing the details of how to make the process of transferring credits for veterans easier and making improvements to the cognate system. Students who have any suggestions can email Sarah Betancourt ( or Tomas Cacicedo (
  • Last week’s #FindYourSenator brought in more than 100 entries. The winners will be announced Thursday on SG’s Facebook page.
  • The University Affairs committee will be meeting with the dining hall next week to improve on take-out options. According to Chartwells, the take-out process isn’t supposed to be easy, so students are more encouraged to eat inside the dining hall and form more of a community.
  • Category 5 is hosting a watch party for the men’s basketball game at 9 p.m. Thursday, Apr. 2 in the Rathskeller. The first 50 students will receive free wings.
  • The lights for the gliders were initially denied, but SG spoke with Patricia Whitely, and the project will be completed for the fall of 2015.
  • Pier 21 is looking for a new peer educator.
  • The Pan-Hellenic community received three national awards for highest GPA and recognition for their public relations and their philanthropic efforts.
  • UPride will be having several events next week to lead up to Miami Beach’s Pride Parade, such as puppies on the green and marriages on the rock. Buses will be provided for students interested in going to the parade.  Those wanting to go can register on UPride’s OrgSync and get on the buses at 9 a.m. Sunday, Apr. 12 at Stanford Circle. The parade begins at 12 p.m. on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.
  • Applications to be a Commuter Assistant or Transfer Assistant are due at 12 p.m. Friday. To apply to be a CA, visit the Office of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement at the SAC, Suite 203. For TA applications, click here.
  • One of For U’s initiatives, HBO Go, has been approved. Residents can get access to HBO Go, a streaming website for HBO shows.