‘Grimm’ actress Bitsie Tulloch talks new season, transforming role

Photo Courtesy Michael Muller/NBC
Photo Courtesy Michael Muller/NBC

After a monthlong hiatus, NBC’s crime and fantasy-based series “Grimm” is back on Friday nights, but at its new time at 8 p.m.

Drawing its inspiration from “Grimms’ Fairy Tales,” the show follows Nick Burkhardt, a Portland, Oregon homicide detective, who learns he is a descendant of an elite line of criminal profilers known as Grimms. Nick tries to find a balance between his new responsibilities as a Grimm, his role as a detective and his love life.

Unfortunately for Nick, this week’s new episode means he will find out his longterm girlfriend, Juliette Silverton, transformed into a Hexenbiest, a Grimm’s mortal enemy. Prior to the season hiatus, this left audiences wondering if Nick will come to terms with Juliette’s secret or if it will pit the couple against each other.

The Miami Hurricane talked to Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Juliette, about what the show’s return has in store as well as her time as an undergraduate at Harvard University.

“You’re going to see a lot of push-pull with psychologically wanting this power,” Tulloch said. “I think it adds a really interesting element to the story for her to turn really, really dark.”

Playing a darker and freshly transformed character leads to more physically demanding scenes. Tulloch explained that when her character is morphed, she is more physical, meaning there will usually be a stunt double with prosthetics on her face.

“Going forward if the character is having a lot more action to do, I probably would start doing more strength training as well … we’ll kind of start out doing something and then our stunt doubles will step in and finish the scene,” she said. “But we have a really awesome stunt coordinator. He’s been nominated for Emmys twice for ‘Grimm.'”

Over Grimm’s four-season run, Nick tries to keep his girlfriend safe, but Juliette has suffered memory loss and poisoning, and she was nearly murdered. Yet the couple is still together – for now.

“Well, I think the reason they’ve stayed together thus far is that there’s a lot of love there,”  Tulloch said. “It’s been one of the things in both of their lives that, even though it’s sort of wreaked a lot of havoc, you know, you always go back to home.  I think he represents home for her and vice versa. And they’ve so far kind of managed to get through everything together even if it’s been tough.”

Despite the couple’s love, the possible threat of Nick murdering her because she accidentally turned into a Grimm’s mortal enemy means Juliette has taken a while to tell him the truth.

“It’s been made apparent to her by this point that she’s incredibly powerful. You know, more so than Adalind or Renard, who are both Hexenbiest, could ever dream of being,” she said. “And she doesn’t know how to really control it yet. So if he started to attack her and, you know, she morphs into a Hexenbiest, like, could she kill him?”

Grimm’s resident beauty was also a fine arts and literature double major at Harvard.

“I probably analyze the text in, you know, perhaps a more academic way,” Tulloch said. “That’s something that as I’ve acted I more and more sort of lose. But I read the script a couple of times and I try to bring in past ways that the character has been influenced and so on and so forth. But I don’t know if I hadn’t been a literature major that I would do that kind of in-depth analysis.”