Vintage looks make cool, contemporary comebacks

vintageWhile the modern girl is a little less poofy-haired and MTV-obsessed than her 80s counterpart, she can still get by with a lot of the same looks. Here are a few trends born in the 80s that guys or gals can still rock today.

Leather Jackets

Revive the 80s punk scene with a loud leather jacket. This is the perfect piece to liven up jeans and a tee or add edge to a feminine dress. Guys can rock the leather style with almost any outfit. Throw on some aviator shades for a timelessly cool look.

High-Waisted Pants

Fake longer legs with a pair of pants that cinch at the waist. Match a looser pair with a crop top and belt, or a tighter pair with an oversized cardigan. Guys can try out mid-rise jeans as an alternative to the typical sagging style.


Not just for jeans: jackets, shirts and backpacks can rock this classic blue. Add it as an accent piece or go for head-to-toe denim by mixing dark and light washes. The same goes for guys; denim goes with everything and makes outfit choosing easy.

Statement Jewelry

Eighties-inspired jewelry subscribes to the “go big or go home” motto. Chunky bangles, draping layered necklaces and big bling rings are all fair game. Guys can take on this trend with bulky watches, long dog tag necklaces, or big class rings.