Dear V: Spring break mistake…

I had a boyfriend during high school and our relationship was intense. During the good times, life was perfect and we were completely in love. During the bad times, we said some nasty things to each other. I miss him, but we decided to split before I left for college, and it was the right decision. Now, I’ve been seeing a guy for five months and we’re starting to get serious. He treats me like a queen. However, there’s one problem…over spring break, I ran into my ex. We hooked up. I’m guilty as hell but afraid that my boyfriend will dump me if I tell him what happened. What should I do?


Guilty Conscience

Dear Guilty Conscience,

Well, you have a right to feel that way.

It’s tough to have sympathy for a cheater – especially since your man has been treating you well. As Taylor Swift warned you, “You should have said ‘no.’” 

It seems to me you’re drawn to your ex because of the nostalgia. What part of high school is it that you’re missing?

I’m not sure what you’d miss more: tight neon skinny jeans, thick black eyeliner, My Chemical Romance phase (okay, maybe it wasn’t a phase) or MySpace?

I kid, I kid. Clearly, Beyoncé shirts, red lipsticks and Instagram are way better.

Anyway, you need to come clean to your beau. He deserves that.

After all, you’re not a pants-on-fire type o’ liar, and if you keep this secret locked up forever, you’re going to drive yourself crazy.

So face the music. Your boyfriend may dump your sorry butt on the street, but you’ll have to accept his decision.

Or, he may give you a second chance – and you better win him back over. I’m talking a video games and steak dinner type of night.

Oh, and honey, don’t YOLO with your ex again. In fact, block him on all your social media, avoid him when you go home and stop living in the past.

Sure, high school may have been fun, but go “Back to the Future.” Stop living in the past and chasing guys who weren’t right for you.