Data Viz: UM has third highest head coach salary gap in Florida

The University of Miami has the third highest head coach salary gap – the difference between the average coach salary for men’s and women’s sports — in the state of Florida, after University of Florida and Florida State.

The national average salary for men’s team coaches is almost four times more than that of women’s team coaches ($39,000 for men, and $10,000 for women).

At University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Kansas, Baylor University and University of Texas at Austin, men’s team head coaches make at least $200,000 more on average.

The gap in operating expenses per participant between men and women’s teams is $62,442 at UM, the second highest in the state behind FSU.

Florida Gulf Coast University has the lowest operating expense gap, with $2,033 spent on women. UF’s operating gap favors women’s teams, spending $12,897 more on women.

When it comes to athletic-related student aid, UF evenly split its spending down the middle. At UM, 42 percent of athletic-related student aid goes toward women.