University to build three more bridges across campus

Just a few weeks after receiving approval on two permits to build two separate bridges over waterways on its campus, the University of Miami has received approval for three additional bridges to be built over campus waterways. The Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners voted 10 to zero to approve the permit application at Tuesday’s meeting.

 The bridges, two vehicular and one pedestrian, will be built in conjunction with the Lennar Foundation Medical Center. According to the permit application, the entirety of the construction, which will include work with the canals as they build over them, will cost “$1,000,000+.”

The permit application shows a valet drop-off area that would be placed in front of the medical center on the side of Ponce de Leon Boulevard, and the pedestrian bridge would cross over the canal from there to the front of Ponce Garage. Another valet area would be behind the medical center, with one vehicular bridge stretching to Dickinson Drive, and the other spanning the University of Miami canal to the back of the Ponce Garage.

According to Associate Vice President of Campus Planning and Development Janet Gavarrete, the bridges will be completed along with the medical center late in the fall of 2016.

The permit application is public record and can be found at the following address: