Senate Recap 3/4: Snapchat filter, dorm blueprints, Greek Extravaganza

Before students enjoy their spring break vacations, Student Government (SG) is preparing for events once campus is back in session.

  • The Policy and Finance committee only has $1,600 left for semester co-sponsorship. There will be more of a focus on finances for SG.
  • The Academic Affairs committee will be finishing its improvements on the cognate search engine and Public Relations (PR) will work with advisers to send out a cognates FAQ to best help students with the process. Senators will also send the FAQ to their constituents.
  • PR is working with Richter Library to get graphics onto computer screens to promote Safe Ride, a transportation system to help students late at night.
  • University Affairs (UA) is still working on improvements to the take-out system in the dining halls and getting microwaves in the vending machine areas in Hecht and Stanford residential colleges.
  • Clear bags will also be distributed from the dorms for football season next semester, and the timing of the shuttle stop at the Ashe building will be improved.
  • UA is also working with ECO to give ideas to incorporate in the blueprints for the new Hecht and Stanford buildings that will be built.
    • Shower heads at a more appropriate height
    • Each dorm building will have a food option; for example, a Miami’s Best Pizza
    • More refillable water fountains like the ones already throughout campus
    • No classrooms in case of an emergency and the buildings need to be locked
    • Issues with lighting will be fixed so it is the same on all the floors
    • Possibility of group floor housing in case an organization or a chapter wants to live together
    • Bringing a cheap option like Wendy’s back on campus
  • Thursday is the last day for students who are taking research, a course or practicum for credit at the Miller School of Medicine, to pick up their metro passes. Contact Jesus Melendez at, and then go to the Registrar’s office.
  • SG will have its own Snapchat filter coming soon.
  • Be Smoke Free Week will take place on campus the week after spring break to promote the smoke-free policy.
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council will receive $750 for “Greek Extravaganza” to help rent a stage for its stomp show. Teams consist of students from the nine historically African-American sororities and fraternities to perform a skit. The event is free and open for all students at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Mar. 29.