New projects should be better prioritized

By now, many students have heard of the two bridges planned for construction on campus one that will span from the Eaton parking lot to the University Center (UC) patio, and the other to be in front of the Wellness Center.

Creating these bridges on campus is not an optimal use of the university’s time or money. The on-campus bridge construction will shift focus permanently off of the more important U.S. 1 bridge and obstruct the view of our beautiful lake, and the marginal gain of efficiency will not justify the costs.

The university needs to prioritize its focus.

Years earlier, there was talk of constructing another bridge near the University Metrorail station to help students cross the dangerous U.S. 1 more safely. On-campus bridges detract from the effort and time needed to pressure the city to build a bridge over the highway.

This path would actually save lives rather than just be used for functionality or beautification. While this structure is the city’s responsibility, the university should focus on pressuring the city to begin construction. UM is responsible for the total well-being of its students, which includes safety in the surrounding areas of the campus.

Since 1989, eight UM students have been struck trying to cross U.S. 1 to get to the retail spots at the center. Three of these students were killed. Convincing the city to build this bridge took years of lobbying, and it was said to be ready at the earliest, spring 2015. While all construction incurs delays, it has not even begun on a bridge that was supposed to be finished by now.

Beautification and convenience compared to a life-saving and safety project which sounds more important to you?

Furthermore, building a bridge over the lake will obstruct the view. Functionality aside, the lake is central to the beauty of our campus.

Constructing a bridge over the lake will require workers and equipment to surround the lake for at least some portion of the fall semester. The finished bridge will also permanently block our beautiful view of the entire lake as we walk along.

If the purpose of the bridge is functionality, months of construction in the area will be making students’ commutes more difficult​ and decrease their experience.

How difficult is it really to walk around the lake? With all the problems in the world, an extra two-minute commute and calories burned should not merit the large amount of capital spent on constructing these bridges.

College students are sedentary enough with their hours of studying, and the walk around the lake to reach their destinations provides a few moments of calm and respite in their overworked brains and jam-packed schedules.

In comparison to the lives saved from a bridge over the highway, an extra two-minute commute does not merit the building of two bridges.

This construction actually detracts from UM’s beauty and daily experience, during which students can have a moment of peace to overlook the beauty of the lake.

Alyssa Jacobson is a senior majoring in advertising and political science.

March 1, 2015


Alyssa Jacobson

3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “New projects should be better prioritized”

  1. Please find someone qualified to write your articles says:

    This article is an example of one of the saddest parts of the Miami Hurricane. A great newspaper with quality stories that loses anything resembling a following because of occasional terrible stories. This article reads like a ranting of a commenter that doesn’t understand The Onion is satire. It completely misses the point and comes off as unbelievably stupid.

    Now on to the actual problems with the article:

    1. The University is not a toddler that can only do one thing at time. They are planning ahead, running multiple projects at the same time. The reason behind the lake Osceola bridge is purely traffic reasons. As the University prepares to increase the on campus resident numbers (more housing), they have to improve the infrastructure. You know the crazy traffic at the bridge next to the UC during peak times and while tour groups are passing? Imagine that, but with a thousand or so more people living on the residential side of campus. More people means the university needs more space to let people walk.

    2. The bridge will be built hugging the UC patio. The Hurricane was the one that reported this. You guys even published a rendering of the future map. I understand the whole beauty argument if the bridge went across the middle of the lake, but, well, this writer didn’t do her very basic homework (reading the articles published on your own paper).

    There’s more holes, but I have a lab report to write and will leave it at this: I understand this is was a op-Ed, but this quality of writing and absolute lack of investigation embarrasses our university.

    -embarrassed hurricane.

  2. Rick O'Shea says:

    Building a bridge over the lake is an absolutely terrible idea.

  3. Disagree says:

    There’s so much that’s wrong with this article that I don’t even know where to start.

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