Where to view Miami’s most scenic sites

To live like a tourist is a novel piece of advice that guides students to enjoy the beautiful views offered by the sprawling city they call home for four years. One of the features that makes Miami such a popular destination is the crystalline, turquoise water surrounding modern skyscrapers.

While tourists come in droves to the Magic City during spring break, students have the upper hand. Take advantage of what Miami has to offer, and explore the area while appreciating the beauty of the city’s geographical location and architectural developments.

To see the downtown skyline, with a clear view of the iconic MacArthur Causeway, hop on the 395 bridge heading east and get off at the Miami Children’s Museum exit. While making a right, continue on the road that leads directly under the bridge. Find a place to park and walk toward the water to admire one of the most famous views of Miami. This view is even more special at sunset.

After viewing the skyline, get back on the MacArthur Causeway and head south to Alton Road, down to South Pointe Pier. From there, visitors can see the downtown skyline, as well as the port and cranes captured in many photos of Miami Beach. This is another great spot to watch the sunset. Be sure to stroll around the park to capture the picturesque view from different angles framed by palm trees.

To exit Miami Beach through another scenic route, head north on Alton Road until the Venetian Causeway. Make a left on that intersection and drive west. On this causeway, students can enjoy a drive with intracoastal waters, where many sailboats remain year round.

The last stop is a lighthouse located in Key Biscayne. Visitors can enter Bill Baggs State Park to visit the Cape Florida Light. On Saturday, the lighthouse allows guests to go all the way up to the top, offering a pleasant view overlooking Miami’s beaches and downtown. Guests can also park on one of the beaches along Key Biscayne to dig their toes in the sand while admiring the views that this tropical city offers.

Featured image courtesy no rain corp via Flickr.