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‘For U’ has stronger platform, experience

Voting for Student Government (SG) elections begins Monday. Two tickets are competing for the top positions of president, vice president and treasurer.

Although both tickets offer diverse platforms, The Miami Hurricane endorses the “For U” ticket – the team is knowledgeable about campus and SG, represents a wide array of student organizations and interests, and provides innovative short and long-term initiatives.

“For U” encompasses students from all corners of campus. The presidential and vice presidential candidates are involved with Greek life. The treasurer candidate is a part of the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC), and chairs Canes Night Live, one of the largest programming boards on campus.

All three have also worked together outside of SG as leaders in Homecoming and Canes After Dark.

While “Upgrade” has an equally diverse set of qualified candidates, they lack the experience within SG to implement their initiatives.

The ticket is also running on some platforms that are already in the works. For example, an on-campus Redbox is an idea that has been discussed since 2012.

A large part of the “Upgrade” platform emphasizes technology as well. The ticket hopes to develop a QR code as a supplement to Canecards so students can access facilities like the dorms and the library if they lose their physical card. “Upgrade” also wants to create a sustainable picnic table to charge phones and laptops.

Though a QR code and handy chargers are always welcome, they should not carry a significant weight of “Upgrade’s” goals. The ticket lacks one or two strong long-term plans that will be picked up by future SG administrations and will have a more permanent impact for future generations.

On the other hand, “For U” plans to establish gender-neutral bathrooms and more 24/7 food options. These ideas are difficult to realize, but “For U” is wellconnected and can reach out to the right administrators to get the ball rolling.

“For U” is also placing the environment on the forefront of its ambitious list of initiatives. The candidates are working on adding energy floors designed to emit energy to power the lights in the building when students walk over it. This concept would help UM conserve energy for years to come.

Given “For U’s” candidates commitment to the university, they would like to see a version of the president’s picnic attended by every freshmen class during Orientation for graduating seniors.

Both teams bring new ideas that will enhance student life at the university, but “For U” is the top contender given its familiarity with SG and experience working with many facets of campus.

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February 15, 2015


Editorial Board

The Miami Hurricane

4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “‘For U’ has stronger platform, experience”

  1. Marlo Spieth says:

    I agree with you, Khaled. Is this not just blatant propaganda? Shouldn’t opinion articles be written by readers? Opinion articles written by staff just seems like a corruption of journalism. Although illogical, reading this validation of one campus ticket has caused me to vote for the other.

  2. Mike Marolda says:

    EB of the Miami Hurricane,

    Frankly, SG is run by those who may have ideas for the betterment of the University at large and dedicate their time to holding various positions. However, I believe that the power of the student on campus is largely restricted and controlled by the University’s board. We pay their salaries with our tuition! Higher education as a whole is an incredibly messed up system, but lets leave that for another day.

    Are some of these platforms unrealistic? Yes, but SG should dream in order to make our time here more enjoyable and beneficial to us in the future as alumni of UM. First and foremost, I believe it is in the best interest of EVERY SINGLE UM STUDENT that the University replaces President Shalala with a more football-driven president in order to increase our teams funding and support. This will boost donations to our University which will benefit even those who do not care about Athletics, through funding of either renovations on campus, academic support, etc. Furthermore, Greek Life is a huge part of UM, from allowing students to participate in daily activities to transporting them to our far away cavernous stadium. I will make a bet that most large donors to the University have some connection to Greek Life, and the next President should be one that supports GL as a whole!

    BUT, (from my personal experience observing SG) its bureaucratic nature is largely ineffective in delivering students promised campaign platforms…

    Thus, my solution to the whole process should be more of a parliamentary system in which various student groups on campus elect representatives (through electronic means), with less of a stress on the top positions. As a very-active fraternity member, I do see the general apathy/indifference/stress of schoolwork affect the ways in which students participate in campus life. But, in order to fix the ineffectiveness of our SG, I believe we must try to first rally a cry to our fellow students, and push for continued academic growth along with MONEY-MAKING athletics (Football/Basketball.)

  3. Nathan SKinner says:

    Khaled, I guess you haven’t been reading newspapers for that long, or are new to this country. Newspapers have been announcing their choices for office since the dawn of the republic. Unless the process has changed, the Hurricane electoral board sat down with both tickets, and asked them a specific set of questions. After reviewing the answers, they held a vote and then picked a ticket to support. A professional outfit has the duty to make sure their selection criteria is fair, and the Hurricane has consistently done that. That said, it’s on the voter to discern between candidates, the Hurricane is only stating that the editorial board supports this ticket. Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Khaled Sharbatly says:

    I believe in order to be professional, a student ran newspaper should not be biased and post neutral reviews.

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