Mix up the flavors in the bedroom


My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year and things are great, but she thinks we should spice things up in the bedroom. She’s mentioned introducing a little bit of roleplay or something like that, but I’m just not sure. What’s a guy to do to keep it interesting in the sheets?


What’s Wrong With Just Missionary?

Dear Guy Who Always Orders Vanilla Ice Cream,

No one wants to ride the same roller coaster over and over again. Every relationship hits the point where you need to mix it up. Luckily, V has got just the list of options for you.

First, let’s cross off all the bad ideas. You may think handcuffs or a naughty school girl outfit sound like a good idea. Trust me, they’re not.

Don’t go putting on nothing but a g-string and a black bow tie. You may think you’re Magic Mike, but rest assured: you are no Channing Tatum.

Far better choices involve playing into what turns your girlfriend on. She has some fetish she’s been dying to explore – she’s just too embarrassed to ask.

Maybe she’s really into furry play. Y’know, putting on an animal costume and going at it ‘til you both are howling wolves. If you ask, she might be up to having you dress up like a lion so she can ride you like Katy Perry. Or maybe she can dress up like Left Shark. Just be sure she leaves the razor sharp teeth at home – ouch.

If role play is what she’s suggesting, though, then it’s what you should at least be giving some consideration to. You could play the professor and she the student who need some extra credit, but that grows old quickly.

Try instead fantasies like the RA busting up a party, the trackerjacker who is dying to sting Peeta, or the SG candidate who will do anything for a vote. 

Use your imagination and have fun with it. It’s not about anything physical as much as it is the thrill of something new.

Do what Ross and Rachel did in season 3 of “Friends,” and communicate. Ross told Rachel how badly he wanted to see her in the Princess Leia metal bikini and Rachel got to rock a bangin’ outfit.

Really, there’s no reason to not be open to trying something new. Step out of your comfort zone and get a pint of Phish Food instead of the more traditional Half-Baked.

Trust me, Ben & Jerry’s knew what they were doing when they created that flavor. It’s definitely not vanilla.