Senate Recap: Constitutional reviews, upcoming campus improvements

Student Government has undergone constitutional reviews to improve Senate and have several upcoming events so students can be more involved.

  • The Academic Affairs (AA) committee is continuing the process of making it easier for veterans to transfer their credits to avoid making them retake classes they took while serving. There is the option of putting up an advising platform on the University of Miami Experience (UMX) class incoming students must take.
  • A cognate focus group will meet at 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 12, to discuss a new method to assess STEM requirements. This will reconsider classes such as anthropology and what constitutes it being a STEM class. Location will be announced soon.
  • During the first week of March, a Find Your Senator event will take place to help students see who represents them in Senate. With a budget increase, more prizes will be given out to students who win.
  • Student Government will be tabling from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. during Greek Week. Food will be given out in exchange for a suggestion on how to improve student life.
  • The University Affairs (UA) committee is planning on providing more take-out options since students still have to pay $12 for less food. Complaints have arisen about sanitary issues such as bugs and glass found in salads.
  • To promote campus events, the academic calendar will be an addition to student’s Outlook email.
  • UA is also speaking with Parking and Transportation to find out how parking passes will increase or decrease with the addition of new parking lots.
  • Baseball season will begin at 7 p.m. on Friday at the Alex Rodriguez Field, and students who attend the women’s basketball game at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 15 have a chance to win two Maroon 5 tickets.
  • The Energy and Conservation Operations Agency (ECO) will host a Re-Use store during Earth Week on Wednesday, April 15. The store allows students to turn in used items and have the opportunity to take new items.
  • Counseling Outreach Peer Education (COPE) will be hosting a talk about Internet dating apps at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 18 in the Food Court, nearby Subway.
  • The Constitution is being reviewed, and the following amendments were made:
    • The term, “Assistant Executive Officers,” now refers to the Chief of Staff, Executive-at-Large External, Executive-at-Large Internal, Executive Secretary and Director of Communications.
    • The “Executive Committee” now includes the Speaker of the Senate, the Speaker Pro Tempore, the Chief Justice, the Energy Conservation Operations Agency Chairperson, the Category 5 Chairperson and the Elections Commission Chairperson.
    • The treasurer for Senate was removed of his/her power over ECO because the agency has its own treasurer.
    • Clauses 3-6 about the Council of Chairs were removed to no longer conduct interviews for vacant Senate seats.
    • No person other than the Category 5 Chairperson could hold two offices of SG.
    • Supreme Court will now have nine justices and a Clerk of the Court, and the nomination process for associate justice was created.
  • A bill (Action #15053) was passed to advocate to UM against any further sale of land in the area where the pine rocklands are, in favor of responsible management and academic use of the area.