Celebrating World Nutella Day

nutellaNutella has been a dietary staple in the United States since 1983, when it was first imported from Italy. Pietro Ferrero created the product in the 1940s when he chose to add hazelnut instead of cocoa due to rationing during WWII. What started out as a paste is now a renowned spread made from roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa. Nutella has no artificial colors or preservatives and is mostly used in desserts or breakfast items.

World Nutella Day is celebrated on Feb. 5 and was created as an excuse to enjoy Nutella on any plate possible. There are several restaurants around Miami that know just how to turn the classic spread into original recipes that make chocolate lovers come back for more.

Nutella Smoothie 

For the best Nutella smoothie in Miami, head to Sun Juice Smoothie & Juice Bar. No homemade version of this smoothie will suffice. The spot is cash only, but there are no regrets after spending $4-7 on the most satisfyingly sinful smoothie. 1405 Sunset Drive, Coral Gables, Fla. 33143

Pizzetta Dolce

Located right by campus, Cibo Wine Bar lets us eat Nutella for lunch – pizza anyone? Ask for the “Pizzetta Dolce” and feel your mouth water when your pizza is covered with roasted walnuts, caramelized banana and smeared with our favorite hazelnut spread. Bring $10 and enjoy lunch with fellow Nutella enthusiasts. 45 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, Fla. 33134

Nutella-filled French Toast

Anyone who’s visited GreenStreet Cafe knows the food is delicious and their portions are generous. Order their infamous Nutella-filled French Toast for only $8.50. For just a hint of chocolate, order regular pancakes and add a side of Nutella for an extra $2. Either option will have fans coming back for more with their perfect order already in mind. 3468 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, Fla. 33133.

Hot Nutella Buns

Buns & Buns has gone where no other bread has gone before. Get excited for their Hot Nutella Buns. For only $6.89, you can get donuts stuffed with Nutella featuring dark chocolate and raspberry-pomegranate sauce with vanilla cream. No one will judge you for double dipping, so long as you scrape up every last bit. 5748 Sunset Dr. Miami, Fla. 33143

Nutella Crepes

For classic Nutella crepes, head down to 345 Caffe Italiano and have a blast stuffing all your favorite toppings into one crepe. Whether it’s banana, strawberry, walnuts, powdered sugar or whipped cream, remember things might get messy as you’re biting into your heavenly creation. Whether you keep it simple or fill it with deliciousness, you can never go wrong with the sacred combination of Nutella and crepes. 259 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, Fla. 33134