FindMyClass app guides users to class

Getting lost on campus may now be a thing of the past. FindMyClass, a campus navigation app, added the University of Miami to its database, giving users guided directions to buildings on the Coral Gables campus.

Developed by brothers Michael and Ryan Schmidt, alumni of the University of South Florida, the app was inspired by one too many occasions of getting lost.

“I’m personally horrible with directions, and I would get lost on campus,” Michael said over the phone. “You’d be surprised how often you have TA hours in a new building or a new location or somewhere you’re not familiar with.”

Upon downloading the app, users can search for their college or university and access an interactive map of the school’s buildings, restaurants and parking garages. A colored line will appear and guide users to their desired destinations.

“For people who aren’t used to being on a college campus, the app could be very helpful, especially for freshmen,” sophomore Eric Koeller said.

UM has its own app with a map, but it does not provide directions. Both apps require use of location data.

“I know that the school might use my location, but I don’t know how FindMyClass will use my location or my other private settings,” freshman Lazaro Del Pino said. “I feel safer using UM’s official app.”

Freshman Jamie Herman, however, prefers the idea behind FindMyClass due to its direction-giving functionality.

“There’ve been buildings where I don’t know where they are and I’d look on the UM app, but then I’d have to pull up Google Maps if I needed step-by-step directions,” she said. “If the app combines those two, I’d definitely use it.”

Users may report if the app incorrectly states a building’s location, and the Schmidt brothers would work to fix the error.

The app allows three free searches to academic buildings. Once the free searches are used, users can buy three additional searches for 99 cents or unlimited searches for $1.99. The app also lets users earn searches by taking surveys.  Restaurants and parking garages can be searched an unlimited amount of times.

“The app was built by students for students,” Michael said. “We’re hoping that people will download it, take it for a test run and think it’s worthy of the 99 cents or $1.99.”

The FindMyClass app is available for both Android and iOS devices.