Fashion crimes committed on campus

The University of Miami is known for its incredible fashion and the daily trends students create. Unfortunately, some students miss the mark and show the worst part of their closets in class, giving professors and peers an opportunity to take notes on what-not-to-do.

Illustration by Emma Deardorff // Staff Designer


You woke up five minutes before that 8 a.m. class, rolled out of bed and proved that zombies aren’t just in “The Walking Dead” – we get it. However, we can smell your morning breath and see the holes in that big T-shirt – and your bed head is kind of distracting. Prepare jeans and a UM shirt the night before. It might be early, but you never know who you’re going to pass by in the morning.


When you’re at the Dooley Memorial Building and people can see the bottom of your butt cheeks from Richter Library, there’s a problem. As cute as the shorts might be, no one needs to see your underbutt – especially your professor. Plus, do you really want your bare butt sitting where so many others have?

UF and FSU shirts

Maybe these students are confused about where they are. Is the orange and green plastered all over campus not enough of a sign that this is not Gator or Seminole nation? This should be a no-brainer. For those wandering around wearing the wrong colored shirts, please escort yourself out of Cane Nation.

Muscle tees

Even if you have a chiseled body or you want to show off that new colored bra you bought, this is not the time. Tailgate season is sadly over. Shirts that barely cover anything belong at the gym or the beach, not in a classroom. Yes, it’s hot in Miami, but there are other times and places to show off what you’ve got to offer.