Senate Recap: Plus 1 Scholars, metro passes, pine rocklands bill

Student Government (SG)’s Senate meeting Wednesday introduced long-term projects to help improve student’s lives.

Here is a list of programs to keep an eye out for the upcoming months.

  • Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Development Janet Gavarrete spoke about a master plan that will change the way campus looks to best centralize facilities and make good use of the lake. Plans for the upcoming five years include a second Pavia Garage; a bridge connecting the Eaton parking lot to the University Center (UC); a new and improved athletics training area; and strengthening academic facilities for nursing, engineering, psychology, and arts and sciences. The five years after that will see a change in the Hecht-Stanford towers and the addition of more dorm rooms in already existing residential areas on campus.
  • To settle any rumors going around campus, such as the thought that students can leave class if the professor does not show up within the first 15 minutes, SG will compile and distribute a list called “Fact and Fiction,” to be tentatively completed by the end of the spring semester.
  • Metro passes will be distributed to students who have classes at the Miller School of Medicine in downtown Miami. The test trial will be available in the next few weeks for the 250 students identified who have to travel to the medical campus. If all goes well, the program will also expand to students who conduct research.
  • Applications for the Elections Commission will be available here until 8 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 2. This branch of SG polices and manages all matters that involve SG elections.
  • The Plus 1 Scholars program has been launched for students in rigorous programs, such as engineering or nursing, who wish to have a year to continue their education or who have found something else they want to study, even if it is too late in their college careers. SG has spent three years working on this program, which will provide a year of free education solely for enrichment and may include study abroad. For more information, visit here or attend the first information session from 5 -6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 3 in the Hecht Master’s Apartment.
  • A bill recommending to express regret to UM concerning the selling of the pine rocklands did not pass, despite debate about how the rest of the unsold land should be treated and the question of whether students should be notified about major decisions that could impact academic resources.

Assistant News Editor Alina Zerpa attends Senate meetings every Wednesday and will report on SG happenings in the Senate Recap each week.