Vegetarian-friendly option to open next semester

For vegetarians living on campus, dining options can quickly grow stale, particularly for those with a meal plan.

However, vegetarians and the rest of the University of Miami’s population will have a new dining option when they return to school in January, with the introduction of Tossed to the food court. Tossed, a food vendor specializing in made-to-order salads as well as hot soups, smoothies, melts, sandwiches and wraps, anticipates opening on campus at Whitten Hall on Jan. 8.

Food options at Tossed are prepared with gourmet ingredients and locally sourced produce and will provide more variety for students on campus, including those with dietary restrictions.

Freshman Shreya Chidarala, a vegetarian living on campus, finds herself with limited choices when eating in the dining hall.

“I feel really restricted that there aren’t always vegetarian options at the dining hall other than the routine grilled cheese or salad,” she said. “I feel as though the vegetarian and vegan people are at a disadvantage with the meal plan and aren’t getting the most for what they pay for.”

Some students feel that those at the Hecht-Stanford dining hall are often insensitive to their needs. Contamination of kitchen utensils is prevalent, especially in the sandwich line.

“I had meat end up in my food multiple times, even when I had asked for a clean knife or for them to wipe down the kitchen surface,” said freshman Richa Panara.

Panara also felt that vegetarians are paying more than they should, even outside of the dining hall.

“It’s been hard, and I find that my options are limited and just as expensive as those of meat eaters, which isn’t fair,” Panara said. “For example, at Lime, even if I get meat removed from my meal, they will still charge me for it.”

Tossed will provide different options for students who are vegetarians or have other dietary restrictions for a reasonable price. Vegetarian items on the menu include the Sweet Beets Salad for $7.99, the Farm House Salad for $5.99 and the Roasted Veggie Melt for $7.99, including a bag of chips.

Tossed has another connection to UM, as alumnus Brian Chodash serves as the vice president of marketing and is one of the company’s owners.

“With the Design-Your-Own feature of our menu, students and faculty can create their own salad or wrap choosing from over 50 of our fresh ingredients.  This is especially helpful for anyone with strict dietary needs,” Chodash said.

The food vendor is environmentally conscious on several levels. Materials used in building the units were chosen for their function and sustainability. In sit-down units, chairs are made from recycled Coca Cola bottles.

“Tossed has green initiatives that we implemented into our brand and operations,” said Chodash, “This includes our salad bowls, which are made from three recycled water bottles and our handheld menus that are made from recycled paper.”

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