Guide for giving holiday gifts, no matter the major

Design by Emma Deardorff
Design by Emma Deardorff
Design by Emma Deardorff

‘Tis the season and with it comes many secret Santa gift exchanges and holiday parties. The Hurricane is here to get you in the spirit with a gift guide for your naughty or nice friends from all different majors.

1. Engineering major: After hours spent calculating one complex formula, this sand kit is the perfect outlet to provide your stressed-out pal with a much needed mental break. It can get as intricate or simple as desired – engineer a sandy structure or just run your fingers through it. Shape It Sand $19.84, 

2.  Art History major: Rembrandt, Picasso and Dali grace the pages of this do-it-yourself paper doll kit. Famous faces, like Leonardo da Vinci, appear alongside their masterpieces, such as the “Mona-Lisa.” Feel “young-at-art” with this crafty gift for your favorite art connoisseur. Young at Art Paper Doll Set $12.99,

3. Marine Science major: Give your tea-loving, marine science-studying friend this mana-tea infuser made from BPA-free silicone rubber. It’ll help the water soak in all the spices, and the caffeine can help keep your friend swimming through the semester. Sea for Two Tea Infuser $14.99,

4.  Chemistry major: What’s better than the Periodic Table of Elements? A 1,000-piece visual exploration puzzle of every known atom in the universe. Your friend can enjoy the foundations of the universe that will look perfect on any table. The Elements Puzzle $17.99,

5. Art major: Sultry, mysterious and alluring, grey has never been hotter. This poster is the irresistible foray into the Fifty Shades of Grey. Exciting and breathtaking, this elaborate chart details everything you ever wanted to know about the color in thrilling detail. Fifty Shades of Grey Poster $9.35,

6.  English major: For those over 21, enjoy a cocktail with a literary twist. This book includes drink recipes that will be sure to be a novel experience, like “Romeo and Julep” and “The Last of the Mojitos.”  Tequila Mockingbird” $14.99,

7. Math major: If you’ve run out of time to find a better gift, look no further than this math clock. Choose your recipient wisely, because if your friend hasn’t gotten past finite math, by the time he or she has solved the problem, the clock hand may already have reached the next one. Solve Some Time Clock $34.99,

8. Psychology major: Start the day with a little Freud. This “Freudian sip” mug is the perfect way to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee while making you rethink your childhood. Freudian Sips Mug $14.95,

9.  Music major: Musicians are creative souls, so give your friend the chance to customize their favorite musical tools. This guitar pick punch, which allows user to make picks out of souvenirs and gift cards, will hit all the right notes. Guitar Pick Punch $25,

10.  Photography major: For the photographer who eats, sleeps and breathes their craft, now he or she has the chance to zoom right into the day. Pour and Shoot Mug $14.99,

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