Conductor drums up energy for Band of the Hour

Band of the Hour Conductor Julia Kligner throws up the U // Courtesy Klinger via Facebook
Band of the Hour Conductor Julia Klingner throws up the U // Courtesy Klinger via Facebook

For senior Julia Klingner, being a part of the University of Miami’s Band of the Hour is more than a commitment to performing during sports games. During the football game against Florida State University on Nov. 15, she conducted the band.

As drum major in the band, Klingner has many jobs, from coordinating to leading the group by providing commands to the instrumentalists. However, she doesn’t find the work tedious. Instead, she enjoys the opportunity.

“The best part is that in the end, it’s just getting to play music with my friends,” she said.

Before stepping up as drum major her junior year, she played the piccolo for a year and later became the section leader. She learned how to conduct during a two-week summer camp in high school.

Colton Freitas, a drum major who works alongside Klingner, said she always conducts the band with enthusiasm.

“Julia is an extremely enthusiastic leader,” he said. “She is always full of energy for each and every rehearsal.”

Klingner said her mentor in the leadership position is the band’s director, Professor Jay Rees.

“Professor Rees is an inspiration to the whole band,” Klingner said. “He lights the fire; we are the gasoline and wick.”

As a music education major, she continues to learn about her passion in the Frost School of Music.

“All the teachers and staff, they’re just so gifted,” she said. “If you pick their brains for an hour, you can learn so much.”

In the future, Klingner plans to become a music teacher in Miami, as she can also play the flute, trombone, guitar and piano.

In her free time, Klingner enjoys attending South Beach drum circles and parties that she says end up resembling orchestras as people make music using objects that they find.

“One time at my friend’s party, we just picked up some kitchen utensils and started jamming,” she said.