Food delivery service sends meals to dorm rooms

Doorstep Delivery, a food delivery company, has expanded into Coral Gables, now allowing students to order food from restaurants that otherwise do not offer delivery service.

A.J. Billapondo, the owner of Doorstep Delivery Miami, started the Miami branch three years ago.

“What’s really important for us is that we have restaurants that do not usually deliver,” he said. “For example, we’re one of the only people in the country that can deliver Chipotle.”

Currently, students who live on campus without a car must walk across U.S. 1, a six-lane highway that is notoriously dangerous to cross, in order to find limited food options.

With the Doorstep Delivery option, some students like junior Chris Kasianko think getting restaurant food will be more convenient.

“It sounds like a better option than renting a Zip Car, using Uber or a cab, so I would definitely consider it,” said Kasianko, who lives in Mahoney Residential College.

According to Billapondo, there are currently 15 restaurants to choose from, but the company hopes to have around 50 by the end of the year.

Junior Rutvik Ghandi, who lives in Pearson Residential College, also considers the delivery service an easy way to get a break from dining hall food.

“I think students in the dorms would like it because most students don’t have cars and are therefore restricted to the hours set forth by the dining hall,” he said.

After placing an immediate order, students can get an expected delivery time. According to Billapondo, the delivery time is between 45 and 55 minutes for orders made the same day.

There’s also the option of placing an advanced order a day or more in advance and choosing a preferred delivery time.

Doorstep Delivery also offers concierge service on large orders for groups or organizations. The catering concierge plans out the entire meal for the meeting according to the specified date, budget and food preference.

The company is also currently looking for part-time workers, including students, to act as delivery drivers.

“We are constantly hiring people. We need help. They just have to be 21 or over, have their own vehicle and their own cell phone,” he said. “There are daytime and nighttime shifts, weekend and weekdays, and they can make their own schedules so they can plan it around their class schedules.”

4To place an order with Doorstep Delivery, visit or call 305-356-7043.